Photography as an Outlet

From a very young age, I had an avid interest in photography. My Mum has always had a camera in her hands, mainly always capturing those important childhood moments with a Canon 35mm camera and a Polaroid. A classic set-up, especially for the 90’s.

I owe my love of photography to my wonderful Mum, which has now developed into my main passion in life. This particular art form serves as an incredible outlet, especially through the toughest of times that life can throw our way at times, photography has been a constant. It has been a sense of creativity that has allowed me to work through certain issues in my life and is truly a remarkable tool to support my mental health.

I’m currently completely bed-bound and I have been for the past 18 months due to various chronic illnesses, mainly Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and severe M.E. But, I have unfortunately been chronically ill since the very young age of six years old, this has of course, taken a huge toll on my mental health.

Which has drawn me even closer to the amazing creative and meditative passion of mine. If you’ve ever considered picking up a camera, I would urge you to do so, you never know how much it could change your life.

Distraction is always key to enable us to deal with the tough times that can occur in life.

Distraction is Key.

With the current situation regarding my health, I’m starting to focus much more on food photography and capturing botanicals, two very diverse areas of this medium, that I’m still able to pursue, despite my circumstances.

I would absolutely love to collaborate on these two areas, alongside product photography, with individuals in the UK, to develop a range of work involving these three photographic themes.

An Oat milk latte from The Exploding Bakery (back in 2014).
The Singular Rose.

I hope to hear from anyone who might be interested to create some work together. If you would like to discuss any botanical, food or product photography, head over to the ‘Contact‘ area of the website.

Keep safe everyone and always look for those distractions and outlets in your life.


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