Printing My Photos

Over time photography becomes a work of separate elements. From planning to the joy of capturing the image, then any editing tweaks necessary (this is something I use very sparingly) to the final piece of the creative jigsaw, printing our work.
It truly brings the process together in a wonderful way.

It’s been a little while since I’ve printed my photography work. But, I thought it would be great to choose two of my most loved botanical images, including a recent capture of a stunning orchid from a local florist and ‘Blooming Magnolia’, a photo initially captured in 2014.

‘Blooming Magnolia’

I’ve chosen a UK printing company, Klein Imaging. They have the most impressive range of art papers to choose from. I’ve decided on an old favourite, which is especially impressive for botanical photos, Hanhemühle Photo Rag 308gsm paper.
I have created a page to purchase the two prints. There is currently only one print size for sale, although if there is a different size you would prefer, please do contact me for information regarding the price.

The funds from the sale of any prints will go towards assisting in finding the help I need for the deterioration of my chronic conditions. Alongside the continuation of my photographic journey, despite being so heavily restricted by my situation.


2 responses to “Printing My Photos”

  1. we love you and your work. How are you doing? J xx


    1. Thank you so much, Julia. x Times are certainly very tough, now more than ever with my health, thank God for creative outlets and distractions.
      I do hope you’re doing well! x


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