I’m Working on a Book!

‘Chronic Elements’ is a collaborative book that’s currently in the works, it is a combination of my photography and fellow chronic illness warrior Rochelle Hanslow’s talent for poetry. To team up with such a wonderful writer and then combine our creative passions to create something positive from painful times is an incredible thing. It truly…

Park Life Exeter Exhibition

To be approached to show a new series of my botanical work was incredible. It was the boost I truly needed while giving me a positive focus, something I find an essential thing in my day to day life. ‘Capturing the Beauty of Our County’s Flowers’ has been a significant project to work on this…

Printing My Photos

Over time photography becomes a work of separate elements. From planning to the joy of capturing the image, then any editing tweaks necessary (this is something I use very sparingly) to the final piece of the creative jigsaw, printing our work.It truly brings the process together in a wonderful way. It’s been a little while…

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